Alkaderma® Antispot

antispot tubeantispot tubeantispot tube

cream with decolorizing and antioxidant action for a spotless, natural stimulated and shiny skin

Alkaderma® Antispot is a specialized cream product effective in treating dermal hyperchromatic lesions/damages from genetic or environmental etiology.


Alkaderma® Antispot is an ideal and effective combination of natural ingredients for the treatment of inhomogeneous stains and pigmentation. Its systematic application leads to the inhibition of the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase, which regulates melanin secretion, reduces "melanogenesis" and hyperpigmentation of the skin and discolorates brown spots giving uniformity to the skin.

A study by the University of Patras documented the powerful whitening and anti-oxidant action of Alkaderma® Antispot.

Alkaderma® Antispot has strong moisturizing, anti-aging, soothing, cytoprotective and antioxidant properties.

The regular use of Alkaderma® Antispot:

  • Helps in skin whitening, reduction of imperfections, after Laser or Peeling.
  • Corrects simultaneously spotting, brown spots, age wrinkles, facials, freckles, scars, extreme sun exposure problems and skin inflammation, while preventing their reappearance.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increase UVB and UVA protection and shield the skin against pollution and sun exposure.
  • Offers elasticity to the skin, protection against free radicals, photo aging delay, cleansing and moisture giving natural stimulation and shine.
  • Contributes in a holistic way to the skin's healthy appearance and offers complete care, always with respect to the sensitivity of the epidermis.

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Active ingredients and their properties

Synovea® HR: a multifunctional skin discoloration agent, with more than eighty years of safe use in humans. Synovea® HR has skin-protection action: its anti-aging activity has been confirmed by clinical studies, which showed cells and collagen protection properties. Moreover, it has been clinically documented that it provides long-term protection against DNA degradation, induced by ultraviolet UV radiation, inhibits its destruction and promotes its rebuilding. Synovea® HR reduces skin pigmentation and inhibits the secretion of melanin.

Synoxyl® HSS: is a novel photostabilizer with unique dermoprotective properties. Synoxyl® HSS protects against direct (e.g. sunburn) and long-term harmful effects of solar radiation and photosensitive reactions (e.g. photo aging and risk of skin cancer). Synoxyl® HSS shields natural tocopherol and retinol from sun exposure, thus offering increased skin protection. It has been also shown to reduce the oxidative stress, which is responsible for aging skin.

Vitamin Ε: one of the most important natural antioxidants protects the sensitive skin from facials and spots appearance, while activating the skin bleaching mechanism.

Jojoba oil: a precious gift from nature, softens and repairs the skin in depth, and reduces blemishes, brown spots and dyschromia. It contains ferulic acid, which has significant antioxidant properties and helps in preventing damage caused by ultraviolet radiation.

Sweet Almond oil: is considered one of the best sources of vitamin E and offers oxidative stability, due to its high tocopherol content.

Method and frequency of application

Apply on clean skin 2-3 times a day in areas where there are spots and freckles. It can also be used as a moisturizer to prevent freckles appearance. It is easily absorbed.


Plastic tube 30 g | Dermatologically tested cream